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25 November 2013 @ 12:04 pm
real life update  
I have fallen out of the habit of writing here, but the habit of writing here is a nice one. And when prompted by curiousity, I went searching last night for the date of an event that I knew, for sure, would be here somewhere. And that reminded me that there is something to be said for detailing things in one place, especially considering how rarely I can keep a notebook. So, in no particular order, things that might be relevant to remember in the future:

1) I am still working two jobs. I was promoted at both of them this year, and there are times during which, when I am not doing really stupid things, I have enough money to pay my bills. WEIRD. Like, seriously weird. I feel guilt and a lot of dissonance over the whole thing.

2) Somewhat related to #1, within the next six months both my 401-k loan and my wage garnishment will be paid off, leaving me even more money.

3) Somewhat related to #1 and #2, in February I will be moving into a rent-free living situation, so even more money.

OMG the travels. There will be travels.

4) The hip loft scenario didn't really work out so well for me. I tried it. I failed it. Whatever. The landlord is a drunk and there are bug problems. Nice house in the suburbs with a garage? I suppose it's time.

5) School. I need to be in school. I need to pay school so I can be in school. See prev. mention of doing stupid things with money. I need to finish my degree ASAP, because I've decided to finish the B.A. before I worry about BABY.

6) Children. On the brain. So much of the time. Grrr.

7) Law school. I want to go to law school. This means I will probably be going to law school while pregnant/ while having small children. I AM AN IDIOT. We knew this. Moving on.

8) Add single parenting to that list in #7? Mostly because, for real, there is a lot that I like in my life right now. A LOT. And the idea of finding someone who is worth my coparenting consideration who is going to fit into what I already have established? Laughable. I am probably too stubborn to have help anyway.

9) My brain is still a very scary place.

10) I just wrote a bunch of poetry and have less than a week left to submit it for this contest. I need to submit it. I am freaking out.

More later. All for now.